Making Housing Energy Efficient

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Making Housing in Ireland Energy Efficient

A podcast with CEO Xavier Dubuisson and Council CEO Máirtín Breathnach,

Our CEO, Xavier Dubuisson stainable energy in Ireland and internationally, he has the perfect expertise to build a start-up dedicated to upscaling home energy upgrades with innovative digital solutions.

RetroKit is a software company dedicated to unlocking the housing energy renovation challenge with digitalisation. Over the past few years, the company have been developing RetroKit with a dedicated team of experts specialising in sustainable energy, data analysis, software development and GIS.

In the podcast hosted by Council CEO Máirtín Breathnach, Xavier discusses the future of making homes more energy efficient in Ireland and how we need to take action to help the environment through energy upgrades.

Xavier highlights the residential sector is responsible for 25% of Ireland’s energy usage and is facing two major imperatives. Firstly, reducing its carbon emissions to net zero carbon by 2050. Secondly, eradicating fuel poverty. This affects up to 16% of Irish homes, with this figure expected to rise this winter due to the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Furthermore, Xavier notes that only 2% of Irish homes receive an energy upgrade annually and 70% are still in need of an energy retrofit. He discusses the role that Retrokit can play in this energy upgrade process, empowering clients to reduce the carbon footprint in housing, to alleviate fuel poverty, and improve the health and wellbeing of householders.

To gain further insights from this thought-provoking podcast, we invite you to read the full article and listen to the entire podcast on the council website: https://council.ie/making-housing-in-ireland-energy-efficient-podcast-with-retrokit/

Our vision is for everyone to be able to live in a comfortable, healthy and climate-friendly home.