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RetroKit provides digital solutions to support energy renovation projects in housing, working  with communities, social housing providers and the retrofit sector across Ireland. 

So how does RetroKit help produce an impressive & actionable Energy Master Plan, on time and on budget? 

Quantify the current residential energy status in a Sustainable Energy Community area.

Recommend a comprehensive home energy renovation plan for a town, village, region.

Provide a comprehensive analysis and actionable plan on time and within budget.

RetroKit’s Energy Master Plan application was developed using our energy engineers’ extensive experience with energy planning, in consultation with consultants and their SECs. We’ve packaged it to avoid you endless trawling for data and complicated spreadsheets, providing you and your client SEC’s with reliable evidence, an actionable strategic plan and guidance that speaks directly to homeowners in the community. 

This service is provided by RetroKit for a fixed fee, tailored to the size of the study area, with a fast turnaround. Please contact us to find out more by emailing info@retrokit.eu or calling 0860476124.

How does RetroKit work? 

Phase 1

BASELINE ENERGY PERFORMANCE – RetroKit compiles a wide range of data sources and applies clever analytics to establish the current energy performance of the housing stock in a community, generating baseline performance KPIs at whole stock level with a breakdown per relevant cohorts. 

Phase 2

ENERGY RENOVATION MASTERPLAN – RetroKit models a range of customisable energy renovation scenarios across the study area’s housing stock, conducts a cost/benefit analysis of each scenario, and helps you identify what is the optimal pathway to achieve the target set by the community e.g. a minimum B2 BER rating, decarbonise the energy supply, eliminate fuel poverty, etc. RetroKit will provide the data you need to fill in the EMP’s Register of Opportunity and help you articulate an action plan for the SEC to kick-start energy renovations in housing.

Phase 3

TYPICAL HOME ENERGY RENOVATION PLANS – Having identified the most common house types in the study area, RetroKit will generate a home energy upgrade plan for each type, using a selection of scenarios agreed with you (e.g. shallow, medium, deep). These home energy renovation plans will help homeowners in the community understand how a house like theirs can be upgraded, the typical costs involved and what improvements it will make in terms of BER, energy bills, CO2, etc. and will outline the next steps. 

Case Study 

Cavan Sustainable Energy Group

Cavan Sustainable Energy Group (CSEG) is a community based energy working group hosted by Breffni Integrated Development Ltd. CSEG comprises a number of public and community organisations across Cavan including Breffni Integrated Development Ltd, Cavan County Council, Cavan Institute and Cavan PPN. CSEG commissioned the RetroKit team through XD Consulting to provide a comprehensive overview of energy consumption and energy generation in the county using publicly available datasets and energy use estimates from a range of sources. 

CSEG wanted to undertake an in-depth analysis of the energy demand of domestic fuel poor properties and wanted to explore a number of different retrofit scenarios for these homes.

RetroKit was used to complete the following tasks:

  • Mapping fuel poverty densities across the county, dataset development.
  • Identifying households suitable for specific grant support (eg: SEAI Warmer Homes)
  • Outlinining a strategic programme to dealing with fuel poverty in Cavan
  • Developing  a tool to capture the pre and post works financial, energy and carbon savings for ease of reporting

The project provided the client with the data they needed to take the next steps. As a result they have been able to build on this work and are now actively supporting Sustainable Energy Communities across Cavan to upgrade their homes. The focus will be supporting families experiencing fuel poverty and this can be targeted due to the work completed by RetroKit.

Client Testimonial 

“Without RetroKit, we would have not been able to develop such an in-depth analysis and comprehensive action plan on how to address the challenge of fuel poverty in County Cavan with home energy retrofits. The efficiency of RetroKit’s service meant we were able to cover a wide range of opportunities in our Energy Master Plan on time and within budget

Mary McCabe

Cavan County Local Development

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