The digital solution to support your energy upgrade projects

Retrokit is cloud-based software that analyses your housing data and generates optimal retrofitting scenarios for your energy renovation projects.

RetroKit is Your Digital Solution


Do you need to prepare a funding application for the Department of Housing or SEAI and need access to relevant data fast?


Do you need an up to date list of stock that is synched with your housing stock inventory?


Do you need to demonstrate coherent retrofitting plans backed up with data and dates?


Want to do this all quickly with a cloud-based solution so that all teams have access to the data they need?

So how does Retrokit
work for your housing stock?

Phase 1:

DATABASE – RetroKit creates a customised database, with the baseline energy performance of your housing stock, including energy use and expenditure, carbon savings and BER rating, at whole stock level and per relevant dwelling cohort

Phase 2:

ANALYSE – This database is then analysed to model and compare a wide range of energy renovation scenarios, helping you decide on the best route to meeting your objectives, whether these are based on budget, CO2 emissions, the health of your homes or fuel poverty targets.

Phase 3:

PLAN –  With this data and knowledge, the housing stock owner uses RetroKit to develop their energy retrofit action plan, defining bespoke packages of energy conservation measures with budget estimates, funding opportunities and a work plan

RetroKit is a software platform that helps housing professionals to make evidence-based investment decisions for their energy upgrade projects.

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What Our Clients Say

Through using RetroKit’s software we’ve been able to undertake a detailed assessment of our social housing stock, developing our baseline starting point, and allowing us to identify the houses that will benefit the most

Brian Cassidy

Senior Executive Engineer, Cork City Council Housing Department

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Case Study 

Cork County Council Housing Department

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