The support to streamline your operations

Your actual process is disjointed with a lot of manuel intervention? At RetroKit, we support your one-stop shop with our software that helps in 3 simple steps to upscale your operations and streamline professional client’s reports.

And this is how it works:

Phase 1:

TRAINING – RetroKit are working together with you. We getting to know each other and train you using the RetroKit software.

Phase 2:

DATA – RetroKit provide all the information and BER-Data to the Assessors. On this Data we model different options of home energy upgrades to identify what’s the optimal solution.

Phase 3:

REPORT –  With this data and knowledge, the housing stock owner uses RetroKit to develop their energy retrofit action plan, defining bespoke packages of energy conservation measures with budget estimates, funding opportunities and a work plan


The same information can flow into grant application, quotation and project management.

Our Team of experts has around 60 years combined experience working in retrofitting. We experienced the issues ourselves, that’s why we designed a digital tool to support your business.

 What Our Clients Say

We’ve worked with Retrokit over the past year to develop bespoke energy upgrade proposals for our customers based on actual BER data. The created system allows us present customers with a fully costed and bespoke pathway to improve the comfort level and energy efficiency of a home. This is a real bonus for us as it delivers a plan based on hard facts that allows customers to understand the benefits of each potential step in the upgrade process. In addition customers can clearly see where and how energy bills and the home’s carbon footprint can be reduced. 

John McMahon


Your Benefits

save time, serve more clients, make more money

Fast access to relevant scientifically backed data at one place.


Reduce workload for the BER-Accessor, creates time and alleviate stress.


Streamline processes and expand operations to grow your sales pipeline.


Quick, professional and polished client’s reports.

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