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RetroKit is Your Digital Solution

Are you struggling with the time-consuming and costly task of creating professional sales brochures and home energy assessments for customers, trying to improve a slow process that involves manual intervention and the risk of human error?

Our RetroKit digital platform supports you in upscaling your operations and streamlining the production of reports, quotations and sales brochures for your customers


Cost and Time Savings
Optimises organisational processes, saving valuable time and effort, reducing human error, and ultimately leading to increased cost-effectiveness by improving workflows and productivity.


Professional Reporting
Delivers visually appealing reports with consistent data presentation, customised for various stakeholders, fostering clear communication and understanding across the entire chain.


Integration with CRM Systems
Seamlessly integrates with popular CRM platforms like Salesforce, simplifying data transfer and enhancing overall efficiency in managing customer information. We can help you integrate RetroKit with your CRM.


Streamlined Data Management
Efficiently consolidates data in a centralised location, minimising errors and rework while enabling convenient storage, access, editing, and data sharing among users.

Organise your projects by location

Organise projects with multiple dwellings

Creating energy upgrade scenarios

Running analysis

View Home Energy Assessment Report

We can offer different types of report

We can offer different types of report

RetroKit can display and group your leads and enquiries in your sales pipeline on a map, a table or on a customised dashbord. As a trusted partner with SEAI, we can enable you to upload your customer’s existing BER data in a few clicks.

How RetroKit works:

Phase 1:

ONBOARDING – The RetroKit  team provides a short introductory session to get your team started. You then have access to online documentation and videos as a refresher and should you need any further support, our specialist engineers and BER assessors are available to answer any further questions.

Phase 2:

DATA – Our simple interface allows you to upload your customers’ BER data to your RetroKit account. Using this data as a starting point, you can then model the impact of different scenarios or packages of home energy upgrade measures.

Phase 3:

REPORT –  RetroKit will fast track the production of one or several energy retrofit action plans with budget estimates, grants, energy credits and a work plan. All of this information can be included in a simple sales brochure or more detailed home energy assessment report and can be accessed by multiple users across the sales and engineering teams.


The same information can flow into sales brochures, your CRM and ERP systems to facilitate other processes such as grant applications, quotations and project management systems. All reports are available with your own branding and content/format.
Our support team are on hand throughout the process, should you have any queries or concerns. The team at RetroKit are some of the most experienced in this field in Ireland, which means they truly understand the issues the One Stop Shops face. They’ve been there. 

Our team of experts has around 60 years combined experience working in retrofitting. We have experienced the issues ourselves, that’s why we designed a digital tool to support your business.

 What Our Clients Say

We’ve worked with Retrokit over the past year to develop bespoke energy upgrade proposals for our customers based on actual BER data. The created system allows us present customers with a fully costed and bespoke pathway to improve the comfort level and energy efficiency of a home. This is a real bonus for us as it delivers a plan based on hard facts that allows customers to understand the benefits of each potential step in the upgrade process. In addition customers can clearly see where and how energy bills and the home’s carbon footprint can be reduced. 

John McMahon


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