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RetroKit is designed to save you time and money.

Leveraging advanced analytical tools and professional expertise, it helps you make evidenced-based investment decisions for your energy renovations. From energy assessment, to simulation, free tutorials to consultancy, explore  RetroKit’s suite of solutions today

RetroKit Software helps you make the most of your data…

Project Aggregators

RetroKit allows you to explore different retrofit scenarios on a group of houses in a time and cost-efficient manner. This frees up time and money for the sales, marketing and development of your housing projects.

Local Authorities and Housing Associations

RetroKit provides you with up-to- date housing data, on a centralised cloud-based platform ensuring that your funding applications and proposals are as informed and cost-effective as possible.

Energy Consultants

We can support you by providing a tool to complete the analysis on the residential section of  Energy Master Plans working on behalf of your Sustainable Energy Communities clients.

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