RetroKit Software Platform

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A cloud based decision support tool

RetroKit uses BER data, a geographic information system (GIS) and data analytics to enable retrofit housing professionals identify retrofit opportunities and develop retrofit plans.

How does it work?

RetroKit can help to create a customised database, with the baseline energy performance of the houses for retrofitting – including energy use and expenditure, carbon savings and BER rating. This information can be viewed for multiple homes in a grouped project or zoomed in on for individual homes.

RetroKit then models and compares a wide range of energy renovation scenarios, helping you decide on the best route to meeting the objectives of the client, whether these are based on budget, CO2 emissions, the health of the homes or fuel poverty targets.

With this data and knowledge, RetroKit helps develop 1 or more energy retrofit action plans, defining bespoke packages of energy conservation measures with budget estimates, funding opportunities and a work plan.

The software creates easy to follow and visual reports, as the image highlights.



RetroKit is a cost-effective solution for energy renovation planning. Pricing plans can be based on the number of houses analysed.


RetroKit is backed by robust building science, and powered by advanced analytical tools and data visualisation, enabling accurate, evidenced based decision-making.


RetroKit’s Geographical Information System (GIS) functionality enables spatial analysis of energy renovation scenarios and creation of maps to represent their impact, especially useful for an area-based approach.


RetroKit’s on-line software platform is backed up, secure, centralised and accessible to everyone involved in the decision-making process.


RetroKit is customer focused, user friendly, simple and fast, offering customer support as a priority. It can customise reports, action plans and bills of quantity.


Training and Customer support are a priority and provided to the user throughout the process. 

Our vision is for everyone to be able to live in a comfortable, healthy and climate-friendly home.